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  • Hersey Whitten

“I have known David Wiggins for over forty years, he and his father-uncle have done much to raise our consciousness of 19th century folk art. Just as David has apprenticed himself under the old masters of New England (Rufus Porter, Moses Eaton, etc.) so he is passed on his approach to many others, most recently Wiggins and Paulsen out of Nantucket.

David travels now with his daughter Christina in the same tradition as the itinerant artists of old. The family’s long evolvement with old house restoration, period interiors, and art, make them uniquely qualified in this field.”

Douglas Prescott – Norwich VT

“This was a lucky find as this father-daughter team, are premier artists who reproduce the authentic paint techniques found in New England homes.

Little by little they educated me as they transformed the room.”

Joseph Spychalski – Nantucket MA

“David Wiggins is the real deal when it comes to making environment.”

David Ferm – Norwich VT